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Erin Williams x Authority Magazine

Updated: May 24, 2021

Erin Williams, the founder of our very own Modern Day Communications, was recently featured in Authority Magazine! The article covers Erin’s journey to launching her own company and she shares her best advice to entrepreneurs. Please read the full article here

In the article, Erin shares her 5 things she wish someone told her before starting her company:

1. “ Be Confident- I feel like if I had more confidence in the beginning, I would be a little more ahead now. Confidence is so important. It plays such a big role in running a business and dealing with people. Certain situations that have happened in the past I believe would not have happened if I had more confidence in dealing with people in certain situations and not being afraid of being upfront or saying what I think. Considering I started my businesses at a young age, it was easy for people to take advantage. Now I am older and have grown so much to where I can put my foot down when needed.

2. Cash flow- I feel that cash flow is literally the hardest thing in your business. It has been so hard over the years to make sure that the business can continue to run smoothly and still pay staff members, but always continue to update equipment and software as well.

3. Staff members- To make sure that you have a solid team from day one- A team that wants to see the business grow, succeed and do well.

4. Accounts- I wish more people had told me from day one to stay on top of the back end of the business. If you stay on top of that from the beginning, it makes life A LOT easier.

5. Take Risks, and not be afraid to make mistakes. Grow and try different avenues when things don’t work the first time. It’s ok to make mistakes and continue to learn from them.”

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